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Welcome to Mina Alumina Lda, Mozambique.

Mina Alumina Lda. is an operating  bauxite mine situated in Manica Province, Mozambique.

The mine is unique as it is the only bauxite mine in operation in Southern Africa, the nearest alternative being in Tanzania. It has been worked almost continuously since 1935 mainly for the refractory, cement and water treatment industries. Mina Alumina Lda. was the very first foreign-owned mine in Mozambique, and was incorporated in 1992.

The family owned company reports good financial performance and solid order book with Lafarge, Zambia as one of the major customers. 

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  • Company Highlights
  • For sale as an operational business.
  • Offers a springboard for mining exploration in region.
  • Located in Manica Province, Mozambique.
  • Only bauxite mine in operation in Southern Africa.
  • Mining licence agreement covers 900 hectares.
  • Supplies Lafarge, Zambia for cement production.
  • Capacity stands at 12,000 tpa.
  • Capability to increase to 20,000 tpa.
  • Reserves estimated at 2 million tonnes.
  • Lies within the Manica gold-belt.
  • Mining exporter of the year 2006, 2007, runner-up 2012.