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Gold Prospects

The concession is situated within the well-established Manica gold belt and adjoins gold prospects of Baobab Resources plc, Auroch Minerals (ASX: AOU) and Mimosa. Undoubted gold potential exists, which has yet to be quantified. We are investigating recovering gold from the tailings produced by the bauxite scrubbers.

Mozambique’s gold production has traditionally come from the Manica greenstone belt situated close to the border with Zimbabwe. The potential of this greenstone belt has not been fully exploited and it is anticipated that gold output could increase to between 5 – 10 tonnes per year dependent on the amount of adequate investment. Principal alluvial deposits have been located within the Revue, Inhamurra, Muza and Chimezi rivers.

An estimated resource potential of the alluvial deposits of the adjoining area amounts to 112 million m3 at an average grade of 0.25g/m3, yielding approximately 25 tons of gold.