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Mina Alumina believes that the way the company goes about its business can have a positive impact on Mozambique and that commitment to corporate responsibility objectives is of critical importance to the country.

Our commitment to EHSS, ethical and HR issues is evident in the way we run the business. In addition, our operation complies with environmental standards in that Kaolin by- product from the scrubbers is settled in ponds, so restoring the original pits. These ponds are stabilized using indigenous shrubs and trees in a process of rehabilitation. Some 40 hectares of eucalypt timber have been established to fire the kilns so as to ensure that we are using sustainable fuel.

Mina Alumina is located in a high rainfall area consisting of Afromontane forest and grassland, which harbours a wealth of plant species and is habitat of the endangered Blue Swallow whose numbers with habitat preservation are increasing. Mining operations are designed to keep disturbance to a minimum.