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Our Operations

Mina Alumina Lda. is a bauxite mine situated on the Zimbabwe/ Mozambique border with the nearest town being Vila de Manica and then Chimoio in Manica Province. The mine also has access to a depot in Mutare, Zimbabwe for regional transportation coordination.

Bauxite Extraction & Production:

1. Bauxite and associated Gibbsite is mined from opencast pits to achieve a grade of 50% A1203.

2. Where pockets of high-grade material are identified, no further treatment is necessary other than drying to 1% moisture. However, most of the reserves are in association with Kaolin clay, which has no commercial value at present.

3. Two scrubbers remove the kaolin resulting in 40% retention of high-grade material.

4. All of the above products are dried in four rotary wood-fired kilns producing a bulk product that is shipped by road transport.